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The following organization assists individuals with registering to vote, identifying voting sites and information on elections.

Forsyth County Board of Elections


Q: I have moved. What should I do about my voter registration?
A: The North Carolina Voter Registration Application may be used to change any voting information including: name, address and party affiliation and should be done 25 days before the next election. If you have moved fewer than 30 days prior to the election, you are still qualified to vote in your prior polling place, and may vote only there even if you moved outside of your county. On Election Day, if you failed to update your voter registration and moved more than 30 days prior to the election, you may still vote at your new polling location, as long as you have not moved out of the county of your existing registration. Since your move was unreported, you may be asked to vote a provisional ballot. Once you have completed and mailed your changes to your local board of elections, allow two to six weeks for delivery of your voter identification card. A voter identification card is for your use only. You do not need the card in order to vote.

Q: My father has recently moved in with us from out of state. He can no longer drive, but wants to vote this fall. Where can we get him a new ID so he can vote?
A: Both of these can be accomplished through the NC Department of Motor Vehicles. There is no fee charged for a North Carolina ID Card for an individual registered to vote in North Carolina who does not have acceptable photo identification. To obtain a No Fee Voter ID card, you must sign a declaration stating that you do not have an acceptable photo ID. If you already have an acceptable photo ID, you are not eligible to receive a No Fee Voter ID. You must also be registered to vote. If you are not a registered voter, the DMV will assist you in completing your voter registration application during your visit, and you will still be eligible for your No Fee Voter ID.

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