Adult Day Care

The following organizations provide daytime care, respite, supervision, activities and social contact

Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Senior Life Enrichment Center

Senior Services, Inc.
Elizabeth and Tab Williams Adult Day Center


Q: How can I talk to my loved one about adult day care?
A: Change can be difficult for a person with a cognitive impairment. However, do not assume they cannot go or will not be willing to go. These suggestions may help your loved one have an easier transition:

  • Ask your loved one’s doctor to make the recommendation.
  • Ask your loved one to “volunteer” there, and set this up with the staff’s help.
  • Treat your loved one’s visits to the center as if he or she is going to work.
  • Talk to your loved one very directly in a concerned manner.
  • Talk to the current adult day center staff for ideas based on your loved one’s history of hobbies and interests.


Q: How do I pay for adult day care?
A: The cost of adult day care is a fraction of the cost of full-time in-home care, and it can be paid for in a variety of ways. Private funds, long term care insurance, and veteran’s benefits are options.  In addition, scholarship or grant funding may be available.



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