Why We Do It…Love in a Box!

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We are frequently moved by the small acts of great love we witness from ordinary people daily.  We hope to inspire others to action by sharing some of the stories that make Senior Services such a great place to work. Here is a story that reminds us to do everything with love:

Recently we were asked to call and check on MOW’s participants as we had experienced a snow storm and had not been able to deliver meals for several days.  I called upon several meal recipients to check on their wellbeing and to remind them of the emergency meal box that was delivered weeks prior for snow and bad weather events like we were having.  In speaking to one sweet lady over the phone she corrected me and said, “you mean the LOVE BOX” to which I was puzzled as to what she was referring to.  She then explained the following to me…. “You see, I received this box on a bright sunny day weeks ago for a day just like today.  You all were thinking of me then and that is nothing but LOVE.  So, I call this my love box and I am enjoying it right now.”  For a moment I didn’t know what to say.  Her words warmed my heart and made me feel like we are doing the most important job in the world. 

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