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Part One: Meet Nina

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Thousands of seniors in Forsyth County find that they have to rely on the help of others to be able to remain in their homes, living with dignity—but that does not define their story. Senior Services is proud to launch “Seniors of Forsyth,” a video series that highlights the vibrant history and fascinating life experiences of older adults in Forsyth County, in their own words. Join us each month as we continue this series and profile a new senior participant or volunteer! 


Nina, a participant in the Senior Services Home Care program, is thankful for the assistance Senior Services gives to help her remain happy and comfortable living at home.

“I always wanted to do something different nobody else has done.  And after I accomplished one thing I accomplished something else… My dad was a magician and he built my dummy, whittled it out of wood.  I really liked it because of that.  And he got me started in ventriloquism … My dummy would make fun of my dad’s magic when he was doing tricks.  We would be on the stage together and it was a lot of fun … At first I was a little bit worried, a little bit nervous about it, but I was with my dad and my dummy was here with me and so if I made a mistake I blamed it on him… I’ve done Gospel Ventriloquism for about 46 years and I love it… It’s so fun to have a way to talk about the Lord and entertain people at the same time… I am in touch with all the ventriloquists on Facebook on the Internet and we talk back and forth and I give them pointers and they ask me how to do so and so and I share the Word of God with them too there and how to present it to the children.  I have a real good time with that… It’s funny to take my dummy with me on the airplane or in the airports or anywhere, grocery store.  And I’d always have him alive.  I wouldn’t put him in a suitcase and put him under my seat.  I would always have him alive.  And so the people loved it, especially the children, if they were having to wait for something… The parents loved that … [My dummy] never did get old, but I did.  I kept getting older… Part of Dad’s magic, I guess… I’m 79 now.  But anyway I’m getting new inside, renewing every day inside.”

“Senior Services is wonderful.  It’s good for everybody that needs help… I have somebody come in to help me three times a week and it’s just wonderful.  They come and assist me with my bath.  I was not taking showers ‘cause I was scared to get in the tub.  I was afraid I would fall… And so they get me in, get me out, and help me dry my back and stuff.  And it’s really, really nice… It’s been a real help to me ‘cause I’m getting to where I can’t stand up and do very much at all.  So, they do real good and I really enjoy them and they’re helpful and they’re always nice … They’re always real nice.”

Hear the stories of more incredible “Seniors of Forsyth” by volunteering with Senior Services today!

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