Faces of the Elizabeth and Tab Williams Adult Day Center

Here are a few of the faces that brighten each day at the Williams Center

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Dementia is a terrible disease that tends to turn the lives of entire families upside down. It not only robs the person living with it of their memories, but it also creates stress and uncertainty for them and the people who love them. While there remains to be a cure for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, there is help. The Elizabeth and Tab Williams Adult Day Center provides a safe fun, and structured day program that brings meaning and friendship to people living with memory loss. The Williams Center program attends to each participants’ social, well-being and health related needs. The Williams Center is also a help to caregivers allowing them to continue working and attending to their other responsibilities secure in the knowledge that their loved one is safe and well cared for. You’ve probably heard us say that the Elizabeth and Tab Williams Adult Day Center is a special place for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia; while that is largely due to the cutting-edge programing and caring staff, it is also due to the wonderful participants we help to care for. We want you to meet a few of them:

Eduardo  served 18 years in the US Army and was a police officer in Puerto Rico where he was born. Once his health began to decline, and he showed signs of dementia, his daughter brought him to the US.   Eduardo loves to tell stories about his days in the army and socialize with friends at the Williams Center. He enjoys listening to music and making crafts.   His daughter says that the Williams Center is, “vital to her ability to keep and take care of him.”


Patricia “Pat” grew up locally on a tobacco farm in Kernersville.  She retired from RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company after 35 years as a secretary. Patricia has one daughter and grandson who describe her as an, “angel on earth,” as well as a wonderful mother and cook.  Patricia now finds it more difficult to express herself verbally but greets everyone with a smile! She enjoys time outside tending to the flower and herb garden during her time at the day center.  Her daughter has been her caregiver since Pat’s husband passed away.   Spending time at the Williams Center allows her daughter to continue to work and keep her mother’s affairs in order.

James “Doug”  grew up in a large family as one of 14 children. He served his country for 10 years as a military police officer and a paratrooper. He later opened and operated a lawn care service. Doug has participated at the Williams Adult Day Center since 2009 and is a cherished friend to his fellow participants. During the day he enjoys playing cards and listening to all kinds of music. He is best known for being a good dancer.  His sister (who is his caregiver) values the relationship he has with the Williams Center staff and is comforted knowing he is well looked after while she works full time because he tends to wander.  “If it wasn’t for the day center, I would worry about finding a trustworthy caregiver, and the cost,” she said.

Helen was born In Harlem, NY and inherited a love of Calypso music from her father, who was born in Bermuda.  The music became so much a part of her that she joined a Calypso Dance Group in New York as a young woman. Now a widow, Helen has four daughters, six grandchildren and one greatgrandchild.  Helen still loves music and dancing. She also enjoys exercise, puzzles, and being very social during the day at the Williams Center. In the words of her daughter, “the Center always puts my mom in a good mood, which gives me comfort, and allows me to care for other family members.”

Fred is married with two sons and three grandchildren.  He is a US Army Veteran who served in Korea, and after retirement moved to Winston-Salem to help care for his mother-in- law.  He is a diehard Washington Football team fan.  At the Williams Center he is best known as a people person who is always sure to leave a positive impression.  Along with playing cards, he enjoys building things and spending time in the outside gardens.  His participation at the day center gives his wife time to run errands and time to recharge as a caregiver.

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