Seniors of Forsyth: Bobby’s Making Lives Better, A Meal at a Time!

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Thousands of seniors in Forsyth County find that they have to rely on the help of others to be able to remain in their homes, living with dignity—but that does not define their story. “Seniors of Forsyth,” a video series that highlights the vibrant history and fascinating life experiences of older adults in Forsyth County and the volunteers who help us help them, in their own words. Join us as we continue this series and profile a new senior participant or volunteer!

When Bobby retired in 2006, he knew that he wasn’t interested in simply sitting around and watching life go by. He wanted to participate in something that helps other people. Bobby sought his wife’s advice as he tried to figure out how to begin the next chapter of his life. She pointed to his love and affection for older people and suggested that volunteering with Senior Services might be a good fit for him. Noting that one of his grandmothers lived to be 100, he stated, “I’ve always had a heart for the elderly, so to think of doing something where I could help the elderly population was an excellent idea.” He and his wife agreed that one of the best things he could do to accomplish his aim was to deliver with Meals-on-Wheels. “It’s something really simple that doesn’t require a lot—just a little bit of gas. If you have any time at all, you can easily do it.”

Bobby King has been volunteering with Senior Services’ Meals-on-Wheels program for more than 12 years, but he says it seems as if he started only yesterday. He is still amazed by the many unexpected benefits that have come his way as a result of delivering meals. “You surprise yourself with the types of conversations you have with the people you serve. I think, first and foremost, the elderly population is not just our past; they are also our future. They have knowledge—a wealth of experience in life—that they can pass on if we will just take the time to listen.”

Like many Senior Services volunteers, he loves the organization and the satisfaction he gets from his volunteer experience. “It feels good to know that I’m doing something to help make someone’s life a little bit better,” he says. “It provides as much of a fulfillment for me as for those that I serve.” The gratitude that the people on his route express makes his heart jump, as he describes it, and according to Bobby, his volunteer work gives him back more than he’s actually giving.

By taking a little extra time to get to know the meal recipients he delivers to, Bobby has been able to form true and lasting friendships. “A lot of them don’t get to see many people throughout the week, so we (the volunteers) are the connection for them with the community. We talk about their day or perform a small task for them such as changing a light bulb or helping in other small ways.” Bobby feels that these little things mean a lot to the people he serves, and it means even more to him to know that by having a conversation or performing a few routine tasks, he can help make someone’s day. “These are simple things that you and I might not even consider, but to them is a big deal. That touches you!”

Bobby takes great pride in being a volunteer and ambassador for Senior Services. “Senior Services provides a service that you can’t put a dollar figure on. It’s much deeper than the numbers—it provides that human touch to the community that the community is missing. You can’t quantify that.”

View Bobby’s “Seniors of Forsyth” video to find out more about this dedicated volunteer in his own words.

Volunteer to help to change the lives of older adults in Forsyth County.


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