Creative Connections

The Creative Connections program invites older adults to experience the joy, fulfillment and connection to others that comes from engaging in the arts.

Research has demonstrated that arts and creativity focused activities promote healthy aging. Participation in the arts has been shown to lower the risk of the onset of dementia, decrease perceptions of pain, help to relieve stress, and improve mood.  Additionally, participating in the arts decreases social isolation and provides meaning and purpose as individuals have a need to engage in self-expression.

Collaborations with nonprofit partners and professional artists make Creative Connections accessible to adults age 60+ in Forsyth County. Engage through in-person art classes at our Shorefair Office or by joining the Call Connections telephone activity. Click below to learn more:

Call Connections                             Upcoming Classes

Contact Melissa Smith, Creative Connections Director, with any questions at or 336-721-6954.

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