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COVID-19 has meant distancing from the seniors we serve. They miss the daily visits, interaction, and smiles with volunteers and staff. Please send uplifting notes, messages, cards and pictures to help brighten their days! Mail your messages to 2895 Shorefair Drive or hand-deliver them Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm by September 18 to share a little joy with an older adult who needs it.

A few guidelines for writing letters to seniors in our programs:

  1. You can start by saying why you are writing this note.
  2. Please consider a handwritten letter. They tend to feel more personal.
  3. Write in large font so it can easily be read and seen.
  4. Please avoid religious references because we do not know who might receive your letter and what their belief system may be.
  5. Leave off the date. This will make the letter timeless.
  6. Try to make it creative and personal by sharing an inspirational quote, adding a doodle or drawing, picture, or something about yourself. Please use your first name so the receiver can identify with you. Only your first name, though.
  7. Send positive thoughts, but avoid mentioning your personal views.
  8. Envelopes – if you have one and want to add a design or writing on the outside, please do. These will be more than likely hand-delivered.
  9. Please DO NOT seal the envelope. We do review all the notes before they are sent out.

Thanks for brightening the day of older adults in our community!

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