7 over Seventy Awards

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate this year’s honorees!

Honoring 7 Older Adults in Forsyth County

Senior Services is proud to continue to partner with the Winston-Salem Journal to plan and host the annual 7 over Seventy awards. Past honorees represent a wonderfully diverse swath of people who share one thing in common—a love for their community.

We had the honor of celebrating this year’s honorees at the annual 7 over Seventy luncheon on Thursday, August 17 at The Millennium Center in downtown Winston-Salem.

The 2023 honorees:

Gayle Anderson
George Bryan
Michael Clements
Elwanda Ingram
Larry Little
Hazel Mack
Nancy Young

Check out photos from this year’s event:

7 over Seventy 2023

Previous 7 over Seventy Honorees

Richard Davis
Shirley Eaton
Arthur Gibel
Dr. David Peay
William Reingold
James Rousseau
Martha Wood


James Blackburn
Brenda Diggs
Brenda Evans
Lucy Paynter
Frank James
Samuel Stevenson
Evelyn Terry

Phyllis Dunning
Richard Groves
Jeanette Lawson-Jackson
Nick Jamison
Sam Matthews
Bill McClain
Althea Taylor-Jones

Woody Clinard (Not pictured)
Dean Clifford
Elms Allen
Harold Holmes
Joanne North-Goetz
Richard Dean
Simona Atkins Allen

Lynn Eisenberg
Paul Fulton, Jr.
Mildred Roseboro Griffin
Bill Hazzard
Billie Marie Matthews
Donald McMillan
John Woodmansee

Claudette Weston
Doug Maynard
Michael Lawless
James Einstein
John Burress
Rudolph Boone
Sarah Brooks

Amatuallah Saleem
Karl Yena
Mabel Robinson
Arnold King
Nancy Hall
John Davis III
Ted Blount

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